Time with the Dentist

We have noticed in our office the past few years with new patients who come to us for care that they seem to have the common complaints that, “they have felt they were not given much time with their dentist and that it was a very short meeting with them being told what they needed and then they were handed off to the financial coordinator to set up the finances and appointments”. They left not really knowing what the problems were and what options they had to correct them.

With corporations moving into dental care delivery, it is being viewed by them and marketed as a commodity. In our minds nothing could be further from what we believe in. It is not a commodity. We firmly believe that each patient should be allocated enough time to review their entire dental condition and to adequately explain their options to provide them with a solution that will fit their needs and desires to help them live with a healthy and functional dentition.

We do this by spending time evaluating their entire mouth with a thorough oral exam and digital radiographs and then discussing with them their concerns and desires. It is a combined effort of a talented educated staff along with a provider’s skill, experience and knowledge that provide a patient with a treatment plan that will work for their situation. In many instances, what is the ideal treatment for someone in their 40’s may not be the best option for someone in their 80’s or someone with a terminal illness.

Some patients may be willing and have an ability to wear a denture and do not mind dropping their teeth in a glass on the nightstand every night. Some patients may want their dental work to be fixed like their original teeth were. Knowing whether they will be comfortable with something removable, as well as knowing what they are willing to invest in restoring their teeth, makes it easier to narrow down the patients options that will satisfy the patient’s needs. It is during the evaluation and looking at treatment options that this is discussed. This takes time and experience on the practitioner’s part to come up with options for the patient.

If you have an answer to the above questions that will help your provider come up with a few ideas that may be options for you and will help them narrow down a treatment that may fit your needs and budget.

With today’s technology, we have an ability to restore patients back to optimum dental health that is beautiful and functional and comfortable.

“In dentistry there are always numerous ways to restore a patient. The treatment decided will be based on the patient’s needs, desires, budget and the dentist’s commitment to the quality of excellence that he aspires to deliver to his patients”

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My staff and I want to wish all of our patients a Merry Christmas and Season Greetings.

Best wishes for the New Year.



Please call us at 352-746-3800, visit our website http://citrusdental.com/ or find them on Facebook