DBA News

The Holidays are just around the corner!  It’s hard to believe that it’s Christmas already and we are approaching a new year.  2017 will bring us lots of changes, challenges and triumphs.  We’ll have a new President, Sheriff, and Mayor.  Dunnellon is growing at a fast pace with the new Hotel, Wendy’s and Publix.  2017 will be a year that you don’t want to miss.  But before we get caught up with 2017, let’s all take some time to celebrate Joy this Holiday season.

Are you still on the hunt for that perfect gift for someone who LOVES Dunnellon?  Our Christmas Ornaments would be the perfect present for the Dunnellon lover in your life.  These ornaments are to commemorate Dunnellon’s 125th Anniversary.  The ornaments display a picture of old Dougal St. where the old Theater used to be.

We have two different styles to fit with all family dynamics.  The ceramic ball ornament for an elegant touch to the Christmas tree or an aluminum one for families with cats or small children.  You can pick one up by stopping into our Visitor Center, 11223 N. Williams St. Suite G., 34432.  Or you can shop online at www.discoverdunnellon.com/merchandise

Don’t forget to add a #DiscoverDunnellon T-shirt!


The Dunnellon Business Association’s November Dinner Mixer was a lot of fun.  Shrimp Landing served us Pulled Pork, Shrimp, Chicken, Sides, Dessert and sooo much more.  They once again catered to impress our audience.

Our speaker for the evening was TJ Hudge, with Thrivent Financial, a not-for-profit financial services provider.  So, what’s the difference between a profit and a non-profit financial services provider?  Well, with Thrivent, it’s community.  Because they fall under different tax criteria, they use the money they save in taxes to give back to their customer’s communities.  Customers can request up to $250 per year for outreach programs in their churches and other organizations.  There is a process to follow, so if you would like to know more information about this wonderful organization, please contact TJ at 352-234-6834.

Walter Green, Mayor of Dunnellon, also spoke at our monthly mixer.  The newly appointed Mayor is no stranger to Dunnellon or it’s Council.  As someone who grew up here, he spoke about his excitement to help the city move in a positive direction.  He expressed his excitement to work with the council that is now in place.  One project that they are going to work on is lowering the number of tubers on the Rainbow River.  The DBA supports the City of Dunnellon and all its endeavors.

The DBA is also getting ready for a change this upcoming year.  That’s why we will not have a December Dinner Mixer.  We will instead start planning for a January Installation Banquet, where the public will get to meet our new President, Vice President and Board Of Directors.  Watch us on Facebook to stay up to date on our recent news and events.

You can stay up to date on ALL Dunnellon events on www.discoverdunnellon.com/events.

(image of gift basket)Congratulations to Ginger D. for winning the DBA’s It Pays To #Shoplocal campaign!  She was the lucky winner of  $200 Cash and a basket of goodies from our members!

(Image of Ribbon Cutting) Ron & Patty Hipner, with Kangen Water, held a Ribbon Cutting at our office on November 15th.  Lots of people came out to hear about how if you change your water, you’ll change your life!  If you’d like to know more information about this healthy way of life, please contact Ron Hipner at 352-212-9921.