Rainbow Springs Fine Art Association: Member Spotlight

Lois Moore

Lois has been a member of the Rainbow Springs Fine Art Association since 2016. Her talent is in painting. She uses her skills and imagination to bring to life some of the most breathtaking watercolor paintings.

Lois has been interested in painting as long as she can remember. The beauty of nature and animals captivated Lois as a young girl and she found ways to keep them alive through her paint brush. It was through these that Lois taught herself the art of painting. Over the years, she has attended workshops and classes to help improve her gift.

Her painting does not require much space which allows Lois the flexibility to paint from home. She has been displaying her beautiful paintings at local shows and festivals over the past few years, so be sure to come visit her work at our second annual Rainbow Springs Festival Nov. 19.

Please join us in welcoming Lois Moore as a member of the Rainbow Springs Fine Art Association.

For more information or to become a member of the Rainbow Springs Fine Art Association please visit our website www.rainbowspringsart.net, e-mail us [email protected] find us on Facebook @ RainbowSpringsFineArtAssoc or call 352.489.0099.