Implants and How We Use Them

You don’t have to put your teeth in a glass at night anymore.

With the predictability of dental implants we can give a patient their teeth back like they originally had. A patient does not have to wear a removable partial or a denture that they take out at night. The standard of care today to replace one or several teeth is to place one or two implants and restore those implants with porcelain teeth that are fixed on the implants. By doing this we are able to leave sometimes perfectly good teeth that are next to the spaces where in the past those teeth were used as fixed bridge abutments.
Below are two examples of using implants to replace partial tooth loss that mimic the patients original teeth.
Case1 : The patient was missing ten front teeth. The patient was tired of having to wear a removable partial that she placed in a glass every night. We determined that four implants placed under our design would support a fixed porcelain bridge. We then had our surgeon place the four implants where we
designated. After the implants and bone were integrated, we fabricated a Zirconium bridge that was fixated on the implants. The result were teeth that the patient loved and did not have to take out anymore.

Case2 :This patient after being in an accident, lost her two front teeth. Rather than using the two adjacent teeth for bridge abutments that were in perfect condition, we elected to place two
implants in the sites of the two lost teeth. After the implants integrated with the bone, we fabricated two porcelain custom abutments and then two porcelain crowns.
Preventive Dentistry – What is it?
Part of taking care of your teeth involves visiting your dentist regularly for dental cleanings and exams to find any potential or small problems and take care of them before they become big problems.
It is always less painful and less costly than waiting until something breaks. Patients should visit their dentist twice a year for dental cleanings to prevent gum disease. If a patient has had a history of periodontal disease (gum problems) it may be in the patients best interests to see the dentist more than
twice a year depending on the depth of the pocketing of the gums around the teeth.
“ Being pro active with your teeth and gums is always better than waiting until it hurts ”
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