Local Author’s Political Thriller will Change the Way You Watch the News

Rarely have I spent a more enjoyable few minutes, then those I spent speaking with local author, Ruth J. Anderson. A resident of Sugarmill Woods, Mrs. Anderson recently published her first book, Whistle Blower and Double Agents, and I felt fortunate to speak with her about her accomplishments.

Mrs. Anderson was a Washington insider for many years. She served with several Congressional and cabinet-level officials for over 25 years, including the Federal Communication Commission; Senator Richard Russell, Senate Commerce Committee, Secretary of Commerce, and Postmaster General. Mrs. Anderson joined the AEC and then U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as Editorial Assistant and Research Specialist. She was President of the Federally Employed Women, Inc, SMC, which represented 750,000 Federal employees. She was selected for the World’s Who’s Who of Women in Cambridge, England. In 1977, she was honored to be the first woman to receive the Silver Medal at the U.S. NRC. She was a member of New York Academy of Sciences; the Society of Women Engineers; and the Federal Women’s Interagency Board.

Yet, despite this incredible resume, I found her to be a funny and warm lady, who was gracious enough to share her time with me. Along with anecdotes about wanting to fly to the former Soviet Union when it first became Russia (and a story of how she came to have a lovely Russian cat figurine!) I also heard the serious nature of the work she has done for our country. One of the first women to hold a position of power in the male dominated world of 1970’s government, Mrs. Anderson showed a wit and intelligence that makes me grateful she was on our side during that pivotal time in history!

Mrs. Anderson described some of the exhaustive research that went into writing her book. Though inspired by an interview with the whistleblower, who courageously stood up for what was right, she did not stop with merely one story. She went on to research for months and years, determined to get as much information as possible, and present accurate facts. Her research included actual government documents, including letters and memos she was able to obtain from the FBI-all while being recorded and enduring intense scrutiny!

A former president of the Democratic Party in Citrus County, Mrs. Anderson remains passionate about politics and our government. After being involved in politics her whole life, she has great insight into the news stories that we read today. She warns that if you read her book, then watch the news, it will open your eyes to the possibility that these events, and the subsequent cover-up, could all too easily happen again. Whistle Blower and Double Agents is sure to enthrall anyone who loves a good political thriller, but once you’ve read it, you may not get a good night’s sleep again!

About the book: An Atomic Energy Nuclear Commission scientist found that the safeguards program of his agency was ineffective and allowed for nuclear material to be stolen from within a nuclear plant and passed on to other countries. He found evidence of this during a visit to the CIA on a safeguards inquiry. Deeply alarmed, he reported this finding to the AEC, and later to the U.S. Congress and President.

The AEC Chairman meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman CIA operative, who is assigned to his agency in an undercover position as an attorney. The President, eager to get away from the White House, visits the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab in Chicago, and then to the mountains of Maunkea in Hawaii where he finally meets with astronomers.  What happens will leave you spellbound.

For more information about Whistle Blower and Double Agents, and purchasing options, visit www.whistleblowerspy.com