Your Passport to Discover Dunnellon is Here

Spring is in the air!  And what a wonderful spring it has been.  The weather has just been magnificent considering it is Florida, and we usually only have, what feels like, two seasons.  But this year has been great for festivals, garage sales and travel.

Soon we will feel the effects of Summer, and all the visitors that come with it tubing down the Rainbow River.  Starting at the KP Hole, the tubers will take a long four hour journey down the river, seeing wild life or snorkeling along the way.  Then they come to the Tuber’s Exit, get back into their cars and drive to Ocala to eat dinner, after which they will go back to their hotels by the interstate.  Never seeing the life and beauty our town has to offer.  Never even giving it a second thought!  They surely don’t know what they are missing.

This year the DBA has a plan to keep visitors here in Dunnellon.  We have partnered with businesses in town to offer welcome discounts to those travelers in hopes that they discover more about Dunnellon during their stay.  We are calling it Passport to Dunnellon.  Visitors can pick up one of these free plastic cards from the Visitor Center located in the Dunnellon Plaza.  All we are asking if for a little information.  Where are they from?  Why are they here?  And in return they will be able to enjoy Dunnellon the way we do, with our flip-flops on.

The Dunnellon Business Association meets the last Tuesday of each month at one of our member restaurants.  For more information please stop into our Visitor Center at 11223 N. Williams St., Suite G, Dunnellon, FL 34432.  Call us at 352-433-4636 or check us out online at